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& art.
mixed over cocktails.


Cocktails & Couture will celebrate its 10th anniversary and RETURN on Saturday, March 4, 2023!


THIS YEAR'S THEME is X... X is not only the Roman numeral for 10 (in honor of our 10th year), but X is also a variable in math representing the unknown. The theme of X is open to your creative interpretation.


Since its inception, Cocktails & Couture has wowed Tampa Bay audiences with fashion shows that have been described as living art installations on a runway.  Fashion designers and the creative team at Tribeca ColorSalon unite to showcase their talents, artistry, future trends, and new collections.

More than just a fashion show, Cocktails & Couture features jaw-dropping live performances from the area's visionaries, choreographers, dancers, vocalists, and performance artists.

A creative team of mixology enthusiasts devise a one-night only menu featuring an array of mouth-watering craft cocktails for the event.

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